Here's a collection of videos of AirSculpture and solo and spin-off projects. We'd like to have more to put here; hopefuly in time we will get organised enough to do our own filming - but usually we're a bit busy to add yet another compilcation to our outings. For now here's a collection of vids that we've found out on the tubes. If you have anything else then please do upload it and let us know so we can add it here.

A short shot taken by Bill Fox during the session we played live on his Galactic Travels radio show (or emusic as it was at the time). This was just a couple of days before the Gatherings and Stars End sessions that were released as Tranceatlantic. The set started with the same basic idea - Adrian's piano solo, then a slowly building sequence, and then wandering off who knows where...

... and so to Philly. Also taken by Bill this is just a couple of short clips taken on his stills camera. The church sequence gives a nice feel of the great lightshow, then there is a chance to see the Stars End set in the WXPN studio. They've now moved to some very nice new premises (where we went for our second visit) but this was a magical room stuffed with old vinyl records. There's a lot of EM history in this place!

As Hampshire Jam 7 was billed as the last ever, we though we would have a bit of fun so we (ahem) wigged out a bit. Grant Middleton captured the evidence... Happily the series continues, but we'll be leaving the headgear at home.

Also from Grant a snippet of John's solo set at HJ.

Not exactly AirSculpture - this is the Cosmic Smokers 2007 concert in Leicester. Grant took some time out during the setup and recorded these short snippets.

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