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Okefenokee 2001
Jelly Leg'd Chicken
Okefenokee 2002

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23rd Feb 2006

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Live, Improvised Electronic Music.

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If you have any news regarding AirSculpture or news in which you think we may be interested, then please email us and let us know about it.

2006 Concert announcements

National Space Centre, Leicester

On the 29th of April, we will be performing another concert at the NSC planetarium, the current centre of gravity of the UK electronic music scene. Details are at Synth Music Direct

The Gatherings 2006

We are pleased to announce our return to Philadelphia PA, USA to play another concert in this legendary series, after which you will be able to tune into Stars End for music into the wee small hours. The concert takes place on November 18th 2006. More information is at

Round-up, December 2005

Rumours of our demise have been somewhat exaggerated...

There's been a long gap since we produced Quark Soup, which has left some people wondering if the band had disbanded (that must be the right word). Of course we haven't! A new double CD, Tranceatlantic, has just been released. This is a record of our trip to the USA. One CD is taken from the concert, the second from the Stars End radio sessions. It is a moody, somewhat more ambient set than usual, but still very much Airsculpture!

For a band that might have broken up, we've been reasonably busy! In the time since the last news item, the following (at least) have happened...

  • Performances in the USA, at St Mary's church, and on the Emusic and Stars End Radio shows.
  • Release of Mojave Ricochet Gathering CD.
  • Performance at Leicester National Space Centre with Paul Nagle and Grant Middleton, as Cosmic Smokers
  • Release of dowloadable Cosmic Smokers album.
  • Track on Manikin compilation CD "Liquid Sound vol.2"
  • Ricochet Gathering 2005 in La Gomera, Canary Isles.
  • Track on Awakenings sampler CD
  • Performance at Awakenings in Leeds. (02 Dec 2005)
  • And, of course, Release of Tranceatlantic.

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